A Family of Cartridge Products

Euclid Chemical offers a variety of products in convenient cartridge packaging, including QWIKjoint joint fillers and Eucolastic sealants, Dural epoxies for anchoring and bonding, and more.

Thin-Top Supreme

High-performance floor and deck topping with excellent finishability.

Consistently better pavers and walls...

Efficiently made with HYDRAPEL 2.0

Custom Stamping Tools

Whether you need to duplicate natural or historic materials for stamped concrete, or if you are looking for a custom logo, Euclid Chemical's Increte brand has a full mold and tool shop dedicated to producing custom tools.

Epoxy Grouts for Demanding Environments

Epoxy grouting solutions from Euclid Chemical deliver high strength stabilization and precision alignment to tough-working equipment and critical structures.

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Decorative Concrete

Increte Systems product informationtechnical documentsand literature are now on the Euclid Chemical website.


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Tammspatch II

Truly versatile and customizable, Tammspatch II can be mixed from flowable to firm and used to repair both horizontal and vertical concrete.


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Product MasterSpec®


Euclid Chemical products featured in MasterSpec®



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