NEW! Waterpeller Plus & Waterpeller Natural

Brand new silicone sealer in color-enhancing and natural look versions! Perfect options for sealing concrete and natural stone to protect from weathering.

Reduce Rebar Corrosion and Surface Spalling with Baracade

Euclid Chemical's Baracade water and salt repellents protect concrete against the damaging effects of winter weather.

Consistently better pavers and walls...

Efficiently made with HYDRAPEL 2.0

High Performance Interior Flooring

Increte® Systems Decorative Concrete by Euclid Chemical also offers gorgeous seamless flooring choices for commercial, residential and industrial applications. Find out more about our highly chemical & abrasion-resistant, FDA-compliant, high performance interior floor options.

Concrete Infrastructure Repair

Euclid Chemical repair mortars, corrosion management systems, and traffic deck coatings provide engineered solutions for the renovation of concrete infrastructure.

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Decorative Concrete Seminar

Get certified training at our International Decorative training seminar in Tampa, FL. Two day hands-on training Dec. 1st & 2nd. Space is limited - to sign up CLICK HERE



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Vandex Crystalline Waterproofing

Invented in 1943, Vandex crystalline waterproofing technology is recognized worldwide for its unparalleled waterproofing and protection. 

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Product MasterSpec®


Euclid Chemical products featured in MasterSpec®



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