Product MasterSpec®


The Euclid Chemical Company is pleased to announce our partnership with ARCOM, the specification experts, to promote our products to architects, engineers and design professionals in the leading specification software MasterSpec®. ARCOM exclusively publishes MasterSpec® for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for use by design professionals involved in building projects.


MasterSpec®, a product of the AIA, is the most trusted and comprehensive specification system in the construction and building industries. MasterSpec® contains manufacturer and product information for thousands of products, saving specifiers time and research by placing manufacturer’s products in front of specifiers when it matters most.  The Business Development Group at Euclid Chemical worked closely with ARCOM’s team of professional spec writers to create "Product" MasterSpec documents that are specific to modern concrete practices, as well as products and services provided by Euclid Chemical. 


To see our Product MasterSpec®, please click here.

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