NEW Powdered Admixture Product Line



Euclid Chemical is now offering a powdered line of admixtures. The product line includes:


ACCELGUARD SET-SPEED - a powdered accelerating admixture intended for use with cementiious based materials.

EUCON V-MOD - a unique powdered admixture formulated to prevent segregation or excessive bleeding in concrete that does not have an optimum gradation of fine aggregates.

EUCON DURA-PLUS - a powdered air entraining admixture for concrete and cementitious materials.

EUCON RE-DUCE - a powdered, water-reducing and set retarding admixture for concrete and cementitious materials.

EUCON FLOW-MAX - a powdered high range water-reducing admixture for use with concrete and other cementious based materials.


For details on each product in this new line CLICK HERE.

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