Concrete Fibers

Frequently Asked Questions on the use of Euclid Chemical's PSI Fiberstrand and TUF-STRAND fiber products.

  • ECTB F-1

    What are the differences between micro and macro-synthetic fibers?

  • ECTB F-2

    TUF-STRAND SF Slab on Ground Design for temperature and shrinkage crack control

  • ECTB F-3

    TUF-STRAND SF thin wall and precast design for bending moment steel conversion

  • ECTB F-4

    FAQ's on Slump, Air Content and Compressive Strength when using TUF-STRAND SF

  • ECTB F-5

    FAQ's on Steel Fibers versus Synthetic Fibers

  • ECTB F-6

    FAQ's on Fiber Types and Mixing Problems

  • ECTB F-7

    FAQ's on Fibers for Joint and Floor Thickness

  • ECTB F-8

    FAQ's on Technical Issues when using Fibers

  • ECTB F-9

    FAQ's on Secondary Reinforcement and Composite Steel Deck Systems

  • ECTB F-10

    FAQ's on Pumping and Finishing FRC

  • ECTB F-11

    Performance Based Specifications for Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC)

  • ECTB 10-16

    Recommended Practices for Addition of TUF-STRAND SF to Ready-Mixed Concrete

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