Construction Products

Frequently Asked Questions on the use of construction products and repair materials.

  • ECTB 10-3

    Silicates, Siliconates and Fluorosilicates Explained

  • ECTB 10-4

    Coating Defects Caused by Concrete Outgassing

  • ECTB 10-5

    Recommended Practices for Concrete Curing and Jointing

  • ECTB 10-7

    Latex Bonding Agents for Concrete

  • ECTB 10-8

    Chemical Grouts: Hydrophobic vs. Hydrophilic

  • ECTB 10-10

    Joint Filler Elongation, Separation and Repair

  • ECTB 10-12

    Concrete Sealer Troubleshooting

  • ECTB 10-14

    Sealants vs. Joint Fillers

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